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Things get complicated when your code targets multiple platforms and powers components used on Android, iOS, Mac, Win32 and the web from IE11 and up.

This is the testing journey of the Profile card serving +100M people in Outlook and Office 365: How we style, test and monitor our components for any hiccups. And boy do they misbehave at times!

Starting with one browser and some open source libraries, we worked our way up, improved the status quo and set a framework that scales our end to end testing across browsers and native applications.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Поделится опытом Microsoft тестирования под разные платформы начиная с мобильных платформ и заканчивая десктоптными браузерами (от IE11 и выше). Мэттью расскажет про решение противоречия между сложностью и длительностью тестов и максимально быстрым нахождением проблем.

Mathieu Henri
Mathieu Henri

Mathieu is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. He works on the Profile card in Office and Office 365, and specializes in cross platform automation. Previously he worked 11 years on the Opera browsers. In his spare time, Mathieu creates tiny demos in JavaScript and Pico-8 and runs a Code Club with Elementary school children.