EN / День 1 / 10:30 / Зал 1

This talk will share everything we've learned about the spectrum of approaches for creating and scaling JavaScript websites and applications.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Гильермо является сооснователем ZEIT, компании, которая пишет Next.js, который, в свою очередь, является сейчас одним из основных решений для динамических вещей на React. Доклад обещает быть очень интересным с точки зрения обширного взгляда на тему server-side rendering. И Гильермо, конечно, можно будет позадавать вопросы про Next.js.

Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo Rauch is the founder of ZEIT, co-creator of Now and Next.js, and former CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup, acquired by Wordpress.com in 2013. His background and expertise are in the realtime web. He's the creator of socket.io, one of the most popular JavaScript projects on GitHub, with implementations in many different programming languages and frameworks. He created the first MongoDB ORM for Node.JS, MongooseJS. Before that, he was a core developer of the MooTools JavaScript framework. He's the author of "Smashing Node.JS" published by Wiley in 2012, best-selling book about Node.JS on Amazon in multiple programming categories. He's spoken at dozens of conferences all around the world about JavaScript and the realtime web, such as O'Reilly OSCon, QCon, and NDC. Originally from Argentina, he dropped out of high school and moved to the US to pursue his passions in the San Francisco startup world. He's passionate about open source as an education medium. He's a former mentor of an Open Source Engineering class organized and pioneered by Stanford, with students from Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, Columbia, and others.