EN / День 1 / 16:00 / Зал 1

Let’s take a journey through the browser’s rendering pipeline. How the code that we write, HTML, CSS and JavaScript gets converted into pixels on the screen in a Blink of an eye. And how we can leverage that information to understand why industry best practices are the way they are and write performant applications. Since the internals of browsers engines varies between vendors, let’s focus on Google Chrome’s rendering engine, Blink. The key takeaways of the talk will be bird’s eye overview of Blink’s architecture, how Blink’s rendering pipeline works, how APIs like requestAnimationFrame(), requestIdleCallback() fit into the picture, how to decipher the complex Chrome dev tools performance flame graph, what kind of parallelism browsers allow us to work with and how to use all these information to create highly performant frontend applications.

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Prashant Palikhe

Prashant is a frontend developer at Frontmen in the Netherlands. Apart from coding, he is also responsible for creating a technical trajectory for developers within Frontmen. While not coding, he likes to travel, preach about technologies and break a sweat at the basketball court with friends.