EN / День 1 / 16:00 / Зал 2

More and more developers are using Babel in their build process, but do you know how it internally works?

We will first briefly discuss the different parts that compose a JavaScript to JavaScript compiler, and how it tries to reduce the complexity of implementing a custom code transformer: it's not just a search & replace based on regular expressions!

Then, we will learn how Babel implements support for new ECMAScript proposals, by going through a plugin which will transform future syntax to old ECMAScript. In order to code it correctly, we will need to understand the proposed semantics, and we will discuss the trade-offs between specification compliancy and output complexity.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Николо активно участвовал в написании плагинов к Babel для поддержки Optional Chaining и Nullish Coalescing. В своем докладе он будет рассказывать как вам сделать собственный плагин под Babel для поддержки новых фич языка или решения ваших задач.

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Nicolò Ribaudo

Nicolò has been a core Babel developer since 2017, and he has helped with the development of different ECMAScript proposal.

When offline, he is a mathematics student in Turin, Italy.