RU / Day 1 / 17:30 / Track 3

You have an interesting application, but its potential is limited by graphics capabilities. You move certain parts to WebGL using the code from demos from public sources, but then everything looks like squares and colors are off. Is there something we missed or WebGL just can't achieve the same quality as a standard HTML5 page?

After this talk, you'll be able to navigate through problems and responsibilities you get by moving from multi-functional DOM to powerful WebGL, enough to open correct pages of documentation or find code pieces when you see artifacts that shouldn't be there. You also will be confident enough to not miss the path to WOW! you are trying to achieve.

The talk has parallels between DOM/CSS/SVG, canvas2d and WebGL, but its focus is on WebGL.

Download presentation.

Иван Попелышев
Ivan Popelyshev

Ivan helps people with Canvas 2d/WebGL projects, knows many practical cases.

Ivan works with HTML5 games since 2012 (, he's a member of the core PixiJS team since 2016. When he studied in the math department at Moscow State University he participated in many algorithm competitions, including ICPC Finals.