EN / Day 2 / 14:30 / Track 2

In the world where frontend applications are becoming more complex and time constraints tighter, design systems and component libraries are becoming everyday tools for developers to fulfill new business requirements as fast as possible without sacrificing user experience and quality of the product. The truth is, the way your design system and the component library is built will inevitably affect the quality of the application code. If components aren't flexible enough to match business requirements and time constraints, there will be hacks and workarounds — the source of endless bugs and maintenance issues. On the other hand, too much control over markup and styling can lead to inconsistent user interfaces and hurt user experience.

This talk covers general architecture principles and React-specific techniques that lead to better components architecture and API design and is going to make teams more productive and products are more consistent.

Video presentation.

Andrey Okonetchnikov

Andrey is a frontend engineer and an interaction designer, specializing in UX, design systems and modern frontend architecture. He has been designing and developing real products using web technologies for the past 20 years. Andrey is a co-organizer of ReasonConf, ReactVienna, co-creator of macOS app ColorSnapper, author and maintainer of several popular open source projects like react-dropzone and lint-staged. International speaker and workshops coach.