RU / Day 2 / 11:00 / Track 1

At the beginning of the talk we will cover various architectures from the interpreter to the JIT compiler, find out why we need a bytecode and make the bytecode interpreter from V8 to JS in the browser. Having received the basic ideas, we will dive into the topic of writing a compiler for TypeScript

This talk will be about:

  • Basic knowledge of interpretations/compilers and bytecode;
  • Architecture of V8/Hermes;
  • Hermes architecture;
  • Stack/Register based VM;
  • LLVM;
  • Attempting to write a StaticScript v1 compiler;

Download presentation.

Dmitry Patsura

Developer with 10 years of experience, developed a lot of projected in open source, from a static analyzer — PHPSA, to the TypeScript compiler called StaticScript. Leading the most obscure podcast in the entire frontend — UnderJS

Related open source:

  • PHPSA — static analyzer on PHP for PHP;
  • GHubber — mobile client for Github powered by React Native;
  • StaticScript — language on top of TypeScript as frontend, and LLVM framework as backend.

Dmitry also was a contributor to Zephir Language & Phalcon framework.