RU / Day 2 / 12:30 / Track 3

In 2019 vendor design teams use design system on graphics editor level. Development team port this system to code using React component approach.

But there is a problem. There is no final version of the product. Like there is no final iPhone. Vendor teams develop the product every day. But design and code live in different worlds. We need a constant parallel manual synchronization.

How to deliver changes from design system to React design system permanently?

Figma is a new design tool. Figma, unlike Sketch, works on the web, in the native environment of component design systems. It has an API. Alexander and Zar will show how to befriend design systems from different worlds.

Download presentation.

Zar Zakharov

Zar is more than 10 years in web development. He was a leader of the frontend in e-travel startup Voyanga. He was the first one who wrote Russian-language AngularJS courses. Worked in Alfa-Bank for 3 years where he developed a retail business and helped users to get services faster.

Alexander Kamenyar

Alexander led design in e-travel startup Voyanga. Then he was a senior designer in SberTech where he worked on online banking. Now he is a leader of the product design department of the TradingView fintech project.