Evgeny used to work on .NET, Microsoft stack for quite a long time. He worked at Quest Software, after that he moved to Dell to work on frontend. He worked his way from CoffeeScript + Angular 1.0 to Dart + Angular 2.0. Currently Evgeny works at Wrike, a high-load SaaS application with very rich client code. Wrike team uses Dart and Angular 2.0 and aspires to be up-to-date with all modern trends in the web world.
Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine
Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany where he has discovered his passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelancing designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, one of the largest online magazines dedicated to Web design and development. Vitaly is writer, co-author and editor of both Smashing Books. He is now working as the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Germany, Freiburg.
Vitaly is a professor of functional programming, programming language theory and computation theory, a member of the Haskell programming language standardization committee and the Haskell GHC compiler development supervisory committee, the author of the book "Haskell in Depth" (Manning Publications).
Guillermo Rauch is the founder of ZEIT, co-creator of Now and Next.js, and former CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup, acquired by Wordpress.com in 2013. His background and expertise are in the realtime web. He's the creator of socket.io, one of the most popular JavaScript projects on GitHub, with implementations in many different programming languages and frameworks. He created the first MongoDB ORM for Node.JS, MongooseJS. Before that, he was a core developer of the MooTools JavaScript framework. He's the author of "Smashing Node.JS" published by Wiley in 2012, best-selling book about Node.JS on Amazon in multiple programming categories. He's spoken at dozens of conferences all around the world about JavaScript and the realtime web, such as O'Reilly OSCon, QCon, and NDC. Originally from Argentina, he dropped out of high school and moved to the US to pursue his passions in the San Francisco startup world. He's passionate about open source as an education medium. He's a former mentor of an Open Source Engineering class organized and pioneered by Stanford, with students from Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, Columbia, and others.
Dmitry was graduated from The State University of Management where he took MBI degree in 2008. Ph.D. in Pedagogy, author of "Lifelong learning concept" monography. At 27 he became a CIO of the large research and production group, in 2012 he joined the Mail.Ru team and headed the department of research and production. Since 2016 he is head of Rostec corporate network academy, since 2017 he is a senior vice president of "ProObraz". A councilor of Moscow Aviation Institute rector, a member of social and business council under the government of the Russian Federation. Founder of Otus, an online education company.
Yulia Startsev is a programmer at Mozilla, recently working on SpiderMonkey. She is also one of three co-chairs of Ecma's TC39, the standardizing body for JavaScript.
Aki has been writing JavaScript for nearly 20 years and still needs to google the parameters for array mutation methods every. single. time. At some point she accidentally stumbled into the standards world and is now one of three co-chairs of TC39, specifying JavaScript. She currently works for Braintree and represents PayPal in Ecma.
Nicolò has been a core Babel developer since 2017, and he has helped with the development of different ECMAScript proposal. When offline, he is a mathematics student in Turin, Italy.
Ivan Akulov PerfPerfPerf
Google Developer Expert in web technologies. Founder of PerfPerfPerf which helps other companies earn more money by making web applications faster. Acts on the stage and writes articles.
Anna Herlihy is a senior software engineer working for MongoDB in Stockholm. She is a contributor to PyMongo, MongoDB, bson-numpy, and a few other MongoDB Drivers but is working now on Compass, the GUI for MongoDB. She enjoys hiking, biking, climbing, and is most happy when she can do her work outdoors.
Lucas is a Brazilian software engineer living in London. He breathes JavaScript and is passionate about open source. He is a core team member of Chai.js and Sinon.js, two of the most popular libraries in the JS ecosystem, and is always trying to find better and more efficient ways to solve problems. His motto is "strive to be lazy".
Michael Saboff is a Software Engineer working on the JavaScriptCore virtual machine for the past 9 years. He is a member of the JS standards committee, TC-39.
Frontend researcher, speaker, web standards evangelist, open source enthusiast. Author of CSSTree, discovery.js, basis.js and others, maintainer of CSSO.
Ivan helps people with Canvas 2d/WebGL projects, knows many practical cases. Ivan works with HTML5 games since 2012 (gameofbombs.com), he's a member of the core PixiJS team since 2016. When he studied in the math department at Moscow State University he participated in many algorithm competitions, including ICPC Finals.
Denis Radin Focus Reactive
Author of HTML-GL, ReactiveElements. JavaScript/WebGL engineer on high performant 3d React applications at FocusReactive. Passionate about code performance and aesthetics, mastering workshop, organizer of React Amsterdam, JSNation. Likes synthwave, climbing addict.
Loves to create his own abstraction and analyze and deconstruct everyone else's. 7 years in web development. Currently leads Yandex.Maps JavaScript API development team.
Mathieu is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. He works on the Profile card in Office and Office 365, and specializes in cross platform automation. Previously he worked 11 years on the Opera browsers. In his spare time, Mathieu creates tiny demos in JavaScript and Pico-8 and runs a Code Club with Elementary school children.
Romulo Cintra CaixaBank "Silk"
Technology enthusiast, working in Software development and Architectures for more than 10 years. Contributor in Open Source projects, TC39 Delegate, and blogger in part-time. His main goal is to democratize technology and empower developers, teams, and companies mostly in the financial sector to build better products. His main focuses are the web, mobile, and cloud. He loves and advocates for the future of the internet and decentralized technology culture where all the globe is connected.
Eliran is an experienced FE developer, specialized in B2C applications Founder and developer @ e-square.io Co-Organiser @ AngularUP Annual Conference Co-Organiser and manager @ Angular-IL meetup Writer for AngularInDepth
UI Practice Lead in IPONWEB. The all-time host of the Frontend Weekend podcast and active member of the frontend community. Ex-actor of the student theatre of the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University.
Miguel works as Enabler frontend at Adevinta, a marketplace specialist based in Barcelona, Spain. He accelerates teams by defining a common platform, building cross tools, sharing best practices and helping to solve meaningful problems. He is passionate about performance and is always looking for solutions through technology to offer the best experience to users.
Prashant is a frontend developer at Frontmen in the Netherlands. Apart from coding, he is also responsible for creating a technical trajectory for developers within Frontmen. While not coding, he likes to travel, preach about technologies and break a sweat at the basketball court with friends.
Alexander led design in e-travel startup Voyanga. Then he was a senior designer in SberTech where he worked on online banking. Now he is a leader of the product design department of the TradingView fintech project.
7 years in IT: at different times supported, launched and developed projects in the largest financial companies in Russia. Now specializes in frontend developing of big web applications. Christian, husband, coder, bushcrafter.
Andrey Okonetchnikov Component-Driven
Andrey is a frontend engineer and an interaction designer, specializing in UX, design systems and modern frontend architecture. He has been designing and developing real products using web technologies for the past 20 years. Andrey is a co-organizer of ReasonConf, ReactVienna, co-creator of macOS app ColorSnapper, author and maintainer of several popular open source projects like react-dropzone and lint-staged. International speaker and workshops coach.
Zar is more than 10 years in web development. He was a leader of the frontend in e-travel startup Voyanga. He was the first one who wrote Russian-language AngularJS courses. Worked in Alfa-Bank for 3 years where he developed a retail business and helped users to get services faster.
Lead frontend developer at HeadHunter. Started from an intern at HeadHunter developers school and now he has been teaching for over 5 years in this school. Nikita has been working at 5 different teams during all career. A member of the architecture team for the last year. The security of user data, the architecture, and the infrastructure of the project are the most important things at his work.
Tanya Denisyuk JUG Ru Group
Program coordinator.
Alexandra Kalinina Valor Software
10+ years of programming experience. Well skilled in web development: figuring out a problem where the abstraction leaked. Great experience in writing unit/integration/E2E/B2B tests using mocha/chai/sinon. Strong experience in major web development technologies, design patterns, DB design, algorithms development and data structures. Some experience in project specification and technical documentation development.
Andrey's been involved in design and development of various web apps and systems for many years and always enjoyed it. Came a long road from a greenhorn junior developer in a small product team to a solution architect in a large outsourcing company. Some time ago joined Hazelcast engineering team and started working on the company's products, including Node.js client library. Moreover, some time ago joined Node.js core team as a collaborator. First met and fell in love with Node.js during the good old v0.12.0 era. Enjoys non-trivial technical challenges that require a deep dive. Has a personal blog, maintains several open source libraries. Constantly learns new stuff from others and shares his experience with the community.
Senior software engineer @EpicGames. International conference speaker. Web and Mobile development. Javascript, Typescript. UI engineering and Reactivity.
[Hegel.js](https://hegel.js.org) creator, [JavaScript.Ninja](https://javascript.ninja) sempai, [UnderJS](https://underjs.ru) podcast host, pagan, outcast, traditionalist, post-modernist, underdog.
Alexey codes in JavaScript since 2007. Previously he worked as a typesetter (more than 100 sites on his list). He used jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular 1, Angular 2, React, Ext JS, PolymerJS. He likes user interfaces and coffee.
Developer with 10 years of experience, developed a lot of projected in open source, from a static analyzer — PHPSA, to the TypeScript compiler called StaticScript. Leading the most obscure podcast in the entire frontend — [UnderJS](https://underjs.ru "UnderJS") Related open source: - [PHPSA](https://github.com/ovr/phpsa) — static analyzer on PHP for PHP; - [GHubber](http://github.com/ovr/ghubber) — mobile client for Github powered by React Native; - [StaticScript](https://github.com/ovr/StaticScript) — language on top of TypeScript as frontend, and LLVM framework as backend. Dmitry also was a contributor to Zephir Language & Phalcon framework.
Michael Saboff, Aki Rose Braun, Yulia Startsev, Romulo Cintra, Sergey Rubanov, Nicolò Ribaudo.
Full-stack developer, in development since 2004. Organizer of PiterJS and IT Global Meetup.
He was a developer at JUG Ru Group. LongestJS organizer. He has been in web development for more than 10 years and often wrote HTML on Java. Loves good talks, Dadaism, tests, and Dart.
BeerJS Moscow, BeerJS Summit, MoscowJS and WebAssembly Moscow meetup organizer, digital nomad, TC39 invited expert, WebAssembly Community Group participant, certified beer sommelier and community guy whose glass is always half full.
Lives in St. Petersburg. Created web applications and games at Tinkoff. Now works at VK. Helps to organize meetings in St. Petersburg and JSNation conference in Amsterdam. He came to programming because he wanted to develop games and gradually began to do this at work.
Mythical full-stack, host of the Devshakhta channel on Youtube, co-host of the Web Standards podcast. Good architecture evangelist, an expert on Node.js and other JavaScript runtimes. Apologist for DevOps practices. For all the good and against all the bad. Likes to work for an idea. Idea is also good.
Teaches people correct JavaScript at JavaScript.ninja and is a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab. Believes that everything that cannot be measured must either begin to measure (and build instruments for this) or ignored, like voices in the head. He always relies on JS, recently sometimes as a compile target.